Virtual Vegan Potluck!

Hola compadres! Welcome to our humble interwebs abode. Are you enjoying the Virtual Vegan Potluck so far? N and I have been extremely busy lately and I am getting over a nasty cold, so our dish is a simple yet extremely delicious hybrid of some past concoctions. We took our bbq jackfruit concotion and merged it with our fixins’ and sauces from our Korean Tacos and voila…BBQ Korean Tacos.

The taco sauce (sriracha mixed with chili sauce and ketchup) is a little on the spicy side…drizzle on accordingly. Me, I drizzled just a little but N drizzled a lot on doused his (he likes to cry when he eats it spicy). Regardless of your spicy preference, I really recommend topping your tacos with some fresh cilantro, red onions and the fresh cabbage slaw that N made. Do up your taco how you want…we have plenty to go around. Hope you enjoy!


Hungry for more? If you randomly ended up here, check out the dishes you missed prior to mine and of course what awaits for you after:

wpid-goback-2012-05-11-23-32.jpg                                      wpid-goforward-2012-05-11-23-32.jpg

And of course a HUGE thank you to Unrefined Vegan for organizing this epic vegan potluck! What a great way to unite vegans and bloggers from all over the world.


22 thoughts on “Virtual Vegan Potluck!

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      I was a bad blogger and never advertised about it on my blog bc of being sick and busy.. Sorry :(. I am almost positive there will be another one due to the popularity of this one.

  1. iatelunch

    I have been wanting to try jackfruit for a few months now. I love tacos, and jackfruit seems to be the perfect vegan alternative. Not to mention, these are BBQ tacos? Thank you.

  2. Shira

    These look GORGEOUS! I adore Jackfruit and the colors in your photos are making me hungry…tacos are a staple in this house! Thanks for this great recipe!

  3. emmycooks

    I just checked out your jackfruit post, that looks like a food amazingly transformed! I love any kind of tacos, and these look delicious–time to try a new food!

  4. jenniferwhetham

    I’m still giggling over your cross-outs (hilarious) and I’m drooling (well, my mouth is watering) over those pictures. Delicious! Thanks so much for such a beautiful post. And . . . sometimes our revisions are the best, right? Those recipes we return to again and again . . .

    Lovely post!


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