Mmmmm…..brains….raw brains

I recently discovered a magical fruit called ackee. It hails from Jamaica and is also known as the “exotic vegetable brain” despite the fact that it’s a fruit and it’s definitely not brains. The nickname is presumably due to its wrinkly brain-like appearance (click here to see a backlit picture of an ackee). The texture of this is buttery-smooth and has a melt in your mouth consistency. Some compare it to scrambled eggs. The taste is mild and frankly, hard to describe. All I know is I am officially addicted to these tiny fruit brains.



While doing some research on ackee (did you know that unripe ackee can be poisonous?), I stumbled across this video by livefoodexperience on how to make a raw ackee omelet/scramble. The guy in the video is actually IN Jamaica so he’s got the fresh stuff….and the sun and the beaches…but I digress. I was still able to recreate raw Jamaican scramble in my kitchen. Ya mon!

Here’s what I did. I rinsed and drained a can of ackee.

Then, I roughly mashed up about a cup of young coconut flesh with a fork. I got the young coconut flesh from my local asian market in the freezer section. I’ve used fresh young coconut before, but until I get a machete for chopping young coconuts (and for chopping zombie heads off), its easier to use the already cut frozen stuff.

Then I added the coconut flesh to the ackee, threw in some fresh chopped tomatoes and a little bit of miso, salt and black pepper. Stirred it up and…

Ya mon, raw ackee scramble! The livefoodexperience guy used black salt in his to give the scramble a real sulfur-y taste (like eggs), but do you know how hard it is to find black salt in stores? Its hard. Its like trying to find a vegan at a Mcdonalds. I’m ordering some black salt online. Black salt or no black salt this was melt in my mouth raw awesomeness! I plan to make this regularly as it is super easy and tasty. The only thing this dish was missing was the tropical setting…maybe next time.

21 thoughts on “Mmmmm…..brains….raw brains

  1. abracapocus

    no! don’t order black salt online! indian markets are your friend. Taj Mahal market at N. Druid Hills & Briarcliff, in the little center in front of the Target, carries it. and it’s pretty inexpensive too.

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Ooh, thanks for the heads up! I had been to Return to Eden, Whole Foods, Sevenanda, Asian markets and Dekalb’s farmer’s market but never thought to check the Indian markets! I should have guessed since that is where the salt comes from. Thanks!!!

  2. Pixie

    Where did you find the canned ackee? I’ve never seen it, black salt, OR frozen young coconut meat. Alas, for some reason, there are no Asian markets near me – Indian and Middle Eastern, yes, but no Asian. I should be able to find black salt, at least.

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      I found the canned ackee at Dekalb Farmer’s Market which has a lot of international foods. Ackee is a Jamaican fruit so check the international aisles of your grocery stores and/or farmer’s market(s).

  3. Starr

    Where did you find ackee? I’ve never seen in before, but then, I’ve never seen (or even known about) frozen coconut flesh either 🙂

  4. poorvegan

    Wow, how neat! I live in a neighborhood with a lot of West Indian supermarkets so I’m definitely gonna look for this. Thanks for posting!

  5. kamellia73

    Wow, that sounds really interesting. We are constantly trying to find things my non-vegan step-kids will like and this sounds worth a try. At least it will be new for all of us!

  6. Richgail Enriquez

    Right on mon! hehe I’d like to try this recipe. I’ve never heard of ackee before but I’m definitely up for giving it a try.

  7. vegancharlie

    hehe eww brains looks good though 😛 I didn’t know ackee looked like that. what does it taste like? haha i giggled at the vegan mcdonalds statement

  8. veghotpot

    My dad went to Jamaica last year and when he got back he kept talking about this fresh Ackee which was a fruit but was like scrambled eggs….I thought he was mad but I’ll have to show him this recipe now!

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