Un pranzo splendido

Saluti!  Welcome to another installment of vegan potluck (plus bonus treats). Last night’s theme was Italian. N and I contributed the dessert. We decided to try to make something that neither of us had eaten a lot of pregan and had never tried making vegan-style…tiramisu! The concept of tiramisu is quite simple. Its lady fingers (basically, vanilla cookies) soaked in espresso and layered with whip cream. I found this amazing recipe over at Paper Fruit and it turned out perfettamente!

First step was to bake, cut, re-bake and re-cut the lady fingers.

Next the lady fingers were dunked in a liquidy mixture of coffee and espresso, which we got from Dulce Vegan. We then made layers of dunked lady fingers, whip cream mixture, dunked lady fingers, and whip cream mixture.

We did that in the morning and stuck it in the fridge until about 6 at which point we put some fancy-schmancy cocoa powder and chocolate shavings on top and headed over to the vegan potluck!

The spread was simply bellisimo! L and M brought over mouthwatering roasted veggies including asparagus, squash, artichoke hearts and tomatoes. Nom.

A and B went all out and made delicious homemade vegan pizza and I am now a believer in these weirdo things called pizza stones.

A and B also made vegan calzones which were equally delicious! They were stuffed with Daiya and an assortment of veggies. Nom nom.

Our hosts, A and B also provided a colorful salad,

as well as liquid refreshments! This here is some peach tea that A made and it was so pretty and refreshing that I had to snap a pic.

The lovely Former Fish Taco Fanatic (my fellow Atlanta vegan blogger) and her husband made eggplant bake and it was oh-so yummy. The eggplant had that melt in your mouth deliciousness to it. Go to her blog right now to check it out!

 Here’s my plate ‘o food. I demolished it and looking at it now, I realize I should have gone for seconds. Our friends are such rad vegan cooks!

And finally, what the tiramisu looked like on the inside. I think everybody enjoyed it…I know I did. The recipe was super simple and easy to follow. The only mods we made were to use almond extract when it called for coffee liquor and we used a mix of heavy creamer and almond whipping cream for the whipped layer/topping.

Another successful potluck of good food, good friends and good music.

In addition to that awesomeness, we got to come home to an array of goodies that we picked up at the Atlanta Vegan Bake Sale earlier that day.

Nikko and Miles went nuts for the homemade dog treats from Dough Bakery.

Let it be known that I too went nuts for the human treats from the bake sale. I’m talkin’ banana whoopee pies, cheesecakes and espresso bundt cake nuts!

All in all, Saturday was a splendido day.
Arrivederci my friends, until next time.

16 thoughts on “Un pranzo splendido

  1. Cadry's Kitchen

    I hope you realize how lucky you are having talented vegan cooks for friends! What a spread! I’ve never tried making my own tiramisu. I didn’t realize it starts with a base of lady fingers. The pictures of Nikko and Miles are so precious!

  2. elle

    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful post! Everything looks sooo good! I’ve always wondered about vegan tiramisu – it was one of my favorite pre-vegan treats 😀

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  4. vegancharlie

    your food get togethers always look like soo much fun! and that final picture with the dog omg I laughed so hard the doggie looks so happy I showed my roommate even she giggled. Such a happy vibe from this post. I love it


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