Party hard

This past week has been my spring break (I’m not a student). That is why I haven’t posted in awhile…because things have been getting wild-crazy up in here! It’s been a non-stop party.

The party started with catching up on reads.

The all out rager continued with catching up with crafty stuff.

The party got a little out of control when we decided to get all healthy and bike everywhere,

and hike Stone Mountain.

Ahh, nothing says nature like an electric pole covered in gum.

No party is complete without food. Eating out. We did that.

Breakfast special at Radial *Click on the pic for the link to the restaurant*

I folded it in half. Radial did not.

Vegan tacos from Holy Taco *click for link*

Eating in. We did that too. The point is, I got to eat good breakfasts, as opposed to the normal stuffing cereal in my mouth at lightning speed as I dash out the door.

Shiitake, potatoes halfway cooked in the microwave, cubed "ham", green onions, garlic and red/yellow onions.

Smashed firm tofu mixed with salt, turmeric, pepper, and other spices.

A cup or two of soygurt and 2 blobs of peanut butter blended to make a fruit dip.

After sautéing the veggies and tofu with Daiya and slicing up some fresh fruit.

Props to Tiffany at for the fruit dip inspiration. Click on the pic for the link!

And no party is complete without some puppies. Those guys really know how to party.

Spring break 2012…woooooo! Let me hear ya holla!! Does anybody have some aspirin? My head is killing me.


24 thoughts on “Party hard

  1. Rachel in Veganland

    Best. Break. EVER! I have to say that I am so jealous of your partying! I always joke with my friends and mate that my grandma and I have a lot in common because we both party in much the same way. Looks like you’re a kindred spirit!

  2. goodstorysarah

    “The all out rager continued”…I laughed out loud when I read this!

    It sounds like a great break though! I also agree that I wish I knew people like you when I was in college! I lived with 3 other girls during my last year of college. My friend Becky lived with me and we would rather be in the print studio rather than stay at home with the partying roommates. There were times when we would lock ourselves in our rooms and text each other to see if it was safe to walk out in the morning 🙂

  3. Richgail Enriquez

    You guys are party animals! Crazy kids! I was just day dreaming of doing the same especially now that the weather is nice. Alot more “me” time to unwind & relax would be the best party ever.

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  5. mihl

    You definitely know how to party! I have a stack of books I want to read, too and I wanna start a knitting project. I get exited by looking at book pictures! I am probably very weird.

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  7. Pixie

    I enjoy your writing style! Very engaging. And your spring break looks “decadent” and restful! I love Stone Mountain (went to school nearby in TN.)

  8. Maggie Muggins

    Ah man, now that’s my kind of party. I’ve got a bunch of books I want to read but they’re all on hold until I finish A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m jealous of all your noms, are these all where you live or did you guys get out of town? Either way, lucky!
    You lady, are one bad ass mofo 🙂

  9. veganmonologue

    Atlanta seems strangely veg-friendly! Not the way I remember it from a few years ago when I took a similar picture on top of stone mountain. I”m sure it’s far better than Orlando, though! Also, I love your dancing dog and boy picture.


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