Sweets and a scholar

When I got home from work yesterday, I was super excited. Not only because yesterday afternoon marked the start of a much needed week-long coma break for me, but because I got a very special package and a letter in the mail.

The package was from my amazingly talented friend Sarah over at goodstorysarah. Unboxing…first, a pretty postcard with a nice message.

Next…I dug through the packing peanuts…and my jaw dropped because of what I saw next. A GIANT bunny!

Hints of foil continued to peek out from the box so I continued to dig and below are the final excavation results. The remote control is there for size reference. These bunnies are huge!

Oh yeah, did I mention these are chocolate bunnies filled with peanut butter?!

Completely vegan and completely homemade, these were so amazing to look at and even more fun to eat!  I snapped a pic of the bunny ear before I gobbled it down.

The tiny guys are little chocolate turtles with peanut butter filling. So ridiculously cute, I could just eat him! Wait, I will be eating him. Sarah, you’re the best! I will be nomming on these over my break.

The letter was from my niece and includes a “flat scholar” (similar to “flat stanley“) that I am to take with me on my adventures and photograph so that my niece can share the locations and adventures with her classmates.  Last time I did this for my other niece when she was this age, N also made a song to go along with flat stanley’s adventures. I love doing these for my nieces!

First adventure for my new flat scholar friend, watching me stuff my face with chocolate. Stay tuned for more.


11 thoughts on “Sweets and a scholar

  1. An Unrefined Vegan

    Those are beautiful!! So impressive. Funny, I had my first “encounter” w/ Flat Stanley (never heard of it before) on my recent trip to SF. My friend brought it with her and we photographed Stanley all over the city.

  2. Rachel in Veganland

    Ooh! Those bunnies look simply divine! I’m definitely jealous of your new sweet eats! They look like a lovely way to celebrate easter!


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