Holy crepe!

I recently discovered from the lovely Spice Island Vegan that Vietnamese crepes can be made vegan-style! What the crepe?! I’ve been driving like 35 minutes to get it from Loving Hut. Spice Island Vegan offers several variations on her blog and I chose the easiest variation because I’m lazy a minimalist.

First I made my own crepe dipping sauce to mimic the one from Loving Hut. Over medium heat, I mixed 1/3 cup of rice vinegar, 1/2-3/4 cup of water, 2-3 tsp of thin soy sauce, 2 tbs of sugar, chili flakes and carrot strips until the sugar was all melted.

Next I made the crepe batter using a pre-made mix (shown below). The ingredients were: powdered rice, starch and turmeric.

I emptied the crepe flour into a bowl and mixed in 3 cups of water, a 14 oz can of shaken coconut milk, a handful of chopped green onions and the turmeric packet that was included. The directions were on the bag and called for a “bowl” of coconut milk. Since when is a “bowl” a measurement? Luckily Spice Island Vegan’s page told me to use a 14 oz can. The batter was very soupy like this.

I then chopped up all the fixings. These could be anything really, but we stuck with the vegan ham,

mushrooms, bell pepper and some onions.

We decided to try and make 5 crepes, so the first batch of fixings got sautéed up with a bit of garlic and oil.

After the veggies and ham cooked up, we poured a thin layer of the crepe batter over the base of the pan.

We didn’t cover it with a lid like Spice Island Vegan b/c we didn’t have one that fit so we just let it chill out on the pan at about medium heat until the batter started turning yellowish.

At that point, we put some bean sprouts on the edge and let it cook some more.  To test readiness, we just slipped a spatula underneath every so often to see if it would lift off the pan. It was ready when it was easy to lift off the pan and it looked goldeny yellow. At that point, we folded it in half and transferred it to a plate.

We definitely ended up with some crepe flops (see below for uber floppage), so be sure to use a really good non-stick pan if you make this.

After getting the hang of it though, we ended up with some nice looking (and tasting!) crepes. We stuffed the inside of our crepes with lettuce, mint and cilantro and dipped it into poured the sauce allll over.

It was a time consuming process mainly because of our choice of pan for the first couple of crepes, but it was sooo worth it. We made about 6-7 crepes total and stored the leftover batter and veggies in the fridge for next time.

Thank you Spice Island Vegan for showing me that just because it’s yellow and looks like a pancake doesn’t mean it has eggs! Yippee!

16 thoughts on “Holy crepe!

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      I am not sure. My local asian market has a whole freezer full of mock meats so I dug around in it until I found this one b/c it looked good. If you have a big asian market near you they are usually stocked with faux meats, though not all are vegan.

  1. Rachel in Veganland

    Holy CREPE is RIGHT! WOW! These look so A-MAZ-ing I can’t even stand it. Two things I love Vietnamese food and crepes I don’t know how I’ve gone throughout life without making these.

  2. Vegan Flower

    This looks so good! There’s a crepe place in Milwaukee that sells a few vegan options. I really want to go there now!

    1. luminousvegans

      That is neat. Is it a French crepe place or just a general crepe place? I’ve never had French crepes, maybe I’ll tackle those next b/c there is no place in Atlanta that makes vegan crepes that I know of.

      1. Vegan Flower

        It’s a general crepe place. They’re called Satellite crepes and have both sweet & savory varieties.

  3. Richgail Enriquez

    The finished product looks like it’s ready to be served in a fancy restaurant! I also like that you show the “flops”, makes us all relate to the fun and misadventures in the kitchen.

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