Jennifer’s salad is now mine!

Once upon a time, there was a restaurant called Veggieland that was conveniently located near my favorite comic book store. A trip to Veggieland always meant delicious vegan eats and good comics. I use the past tense because Veggieland is now closed :(. I miss their Jennifer salad dearly. In the meantime, here is my home version.

I used my rice maker to simultaneously cook up some brown rice and steam some sliced sweet potatoes and broccoli (look at me being all multi-tasky). While that was doing its thing, I prepped the veggies.

When the rice was done, I put a layer of it on a bed of spinach.

Over that I put the chopped romaine.

Next, I piled on all the veggies: cucumbers, tomatoes, the steamed sweet potatoes and broccoli, and avocado. I also put a mound of browned tempeh bacon on top just like Veggieland used to do (*sniff sniff*, cue the violins) and sprinkled freshly cracked black pepper all over.

I don’t normally go bonkers over salad, but this one had me doing a happy dance around the kitchen.

In the spirit of recreating our old Veggieland outings, N has created a very accurate comic of me doing my happy dance. Note my snazzy Herbivore t-shirt that says “Bacon had a mom” and how I karate kicked that avocado right in half.

PS. I had mine with Annie’s French dressing because that was what I had in the fridge and I was too lazy to make a dressing from scratch.

PPS. Dear Veggieland, please reopen. We miss you so.


10 thoughts on “Jennifer’s salad is now mine!

  1. Vegan Flower

    That looks like a fantastic salad! It’s sad that the restaurant closed, but great that you could successfully recreate the salad.


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