Dessert for breakfast

Probably the best thing about being all independent and adulty, is being able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want (mostly).  This includes sweets for breakfast. This will probably be the first of many posts involving desserts cleverly disguised as breakfast because, well, I like sweets!

This delicious banana bread from PPK qualifies as breakfast because it’s got bananas and it’s bread.  It’s like eating a fruit with some toast……and chocolate chips thrown in 🙂

French toast is definitely breakfast food, right?  It’s toast.  Sure it’s toast that’s dipped in cinnamon “eggy” batter, fried and smothered in maple syrup and vegan margarine, but it boils down to the simple equation of toast + fruit again. This particular batch was made from the never-home maker‘s recipe using a french baguette from the farmer’s market. PS. this is actually on the healthier side b/c the “eggy” batter has bananas, soy milk and chia seeds.

Sometimes the toast + fruit equation gets a little boring.  So to change it up a bit, wait for it……………..puffed  toast + fruit!  This is an apple strudel recipe from veganyumyum’s book.  Did you know that the most famous brand of puff pastry is vegan?

And finally, I tend to believe that scones are an invention made specifically for me.  I imagine the person who invented scones (just for me) saying, “here ya go, have some cake for breakfast”.  But hey, throw some blueberries in it and it’s just baked toast + fruit…right?

This delicious scone recipe came from the vegan bicyclinguist.

16 thoughts on “Dessert for breakfast

  1. theironclad

    Vegan baked goods? Oh, heck yes. And AND I am a closet fiend for breakfast foods. This is inspiring and mouth watering. Awesome post!

  2. adriennefriend

    Gorgeous eats! You can also get organic vegan phyllo at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. I’ve long been tempted by the Pepperidge Farm stuff, but when I actually go to buy it I read the ingredients list and put it back down. 😦

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