Rub a dub dub, what’s in your vegan tub?

I remember when I was a teenager (pre-vegan days) tubs of Noxema, bars of Irish Spring and Pert Plus would be the all stars in my bathroom.  Today, I thought I’d share with you my new cruelty-free all stars.

My nightly shower routine is pretty simple.  Wash hair, wash face, wash body, shave, slather  jojoba oil on face.  (From left to right) I change up my body washes whenever we run out.  N doesn’t really care what we use, so the bathroom is my territory.  Right now I am really liking the 100% Pure bath and body stuff (can be found at Whole Foods).  I’m using the “Mangosteen Hydrating Body Wash” which smells amazing and makes me want to eat lychees every time I’m in the shower.   I’m also using, in the same line,  the “Skin Brightening Facial Cleanser” which is just meh.  My face is real sensitive to stuff, and this doesn’t irritate it, but doesn’t really seem to do anything above and beyond just cleansing my face which would be fine if the product line wasn’t so pricey.

The jojoba oil I use is Dessert Essence (second to last bottle on the right) and I’ve been using this stuff for years on my skin, my nails, my eyelashes, to remove makeup, etc…it’s very versatile!  In the shower,  I just use a small drop and rub it on my wet face right before I get out which helps it absorb and voila…moisturized face.  The last bottle on the right end is just a spray bottle  that I filled with Bragg’s apple cider vinegar…yup, I use that on my face after I wash it to bring it to a good skin pH.

(From top to bottom).  My all time favorite shampoo is Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo.  My hair is on the grease ball side so I only use this and no conditioner.  It is cheap and lasts a long time and really is the only thing I like to use on my hair.  I think its the cheapo version of the Giovanni stuff.  I don’t normally have two shampoos, but that green bottle is Avalon organics (I think we ran out of shampoo and I didn’t have time to go to TJ’s, so I picked this up, its meh..not good for my hair).  The razor is by Preserve.  They are made in the US, are completely recycled and recyclable and most importantly they don’t test the razors on animals.  You can also see our shower poofs which aren’t great for the environment b/c they are plastic, but if you keep reading I’ll show you how I recycle them.

Okay, so I shower at night, so this next stuff isn’t necessarily used right after my shower, but I’d thought since we’re already in my bathroom I’d show you the other vegan products I use every day.  (Clockwise).  I use sunscreen from MyChelle cosmetics on my face every day under my makeup.  This is a company that is based in Colorado that I discovered when I was living in Boulder.  It’s a good basic non-chemical sunscreen that doesn’t break me out.  On my lips I use Karite lip balm…it’s the only stuff that keeps my lips moist since I started a job that requires me to talk most of the day.  I have like 6 tubes all over the house and at work.  If my skin is being really dry and flaky, I spray Rosewater (Vegetable) Glycerin on it after my my shower (after the jojoba oil) and no more flakes.  When my skin isn’t behaving (yes, pimples, I still get them), I rub a little Shea Terra Tamanu Oil on spots which is great for inflammations and cuts.  It’s a little on the stinky side, but the smell fades and it works!

When I’m feeling girly, I spritz my Pacifica perfume on…my favorite right now is the Island Vanilla.  All other perfumes give me headaches.  For my stinky pits, my all star favorite and only deodorant I will ever use now is Soapwalla’s.  This is an independent company run by a young lady who makes all this stuff in her kitchen.  Before I discovered her deodorant, I experimented with all sorts of vegan deodorants from the crystals to the powders and with all of them I ended up having horrific BO.  Soapwalla’s stuff works!! Go get some! Now.  And for my chompers, we usually just grab Tom’s at the store.   N picked up the cinnamon clove flavor.  Ick. I prefer mint, thank you.

My makeup routine is pretty minimal these days.  Mineral makeup is the only thing I can put on my face and the brands I use are Meow Cosmetics and Everyday Minerals…both are independent online companies.  I think they both sell products that are not vegan, but most of their stuff is vegan, you just have to check the ingredients before buying.  A lot of coloring in conventional makeups come from bugs, ick!   To apply the mineral makeup, you need a good poofy brush, the best I have found that doesn’t use animal hair is by ecotools (which can be found in most stores nowadays).  When I became vegan it was really tough to find good quality non-animal fiber makeup brushes, but these days they are a dime a dozen and range from cheap to expensive.

And finally, when my skin gets dry (which is often now due to the cold), I use either of these lotions which are my favorites right now.  I used to be a bit of a lotion whore, but I’ve whittled down my collection and these are my favorites.  On the left is the Key Lime lotion by 100% Pure for when I want something that is scented and on the right is a basic, no frills, non-scented lotion by Alba. Both work well, but if I need an extra dose of moisture, I add a drop of the aforementioned jojoba oil into the lotion and it amps up the moisture.

And if you’re still reading, remember that I was going to show you what I do with old shower poofs?  Well, I unravel them and use really large knitting needles to turn them into pot scrubbers! Wheeeee!

And since we’re by the kitchen sink, I’ll show you our hand wash….its also by 100% pure.   So there you have it.  This is how this vegan stays so fresh and so clean-clean!  Some of this stuff is definitely more pricey than your Proctor and Gamble (EVIL)  non-vegan products, but they last a long time and every purchase is my vote for more vegan cruelty-free products.  So, what’s in your vegan tub?


13 thoughts on “Rub a dub dub, what’s in your vegan tub?

  1. Starr

    Thanks for posting this (and with pictures too!). It’s always fun to peek behind people’s shower curtains.

    I make a couple of my own products. My shampoo is a mixture of water and baking soda, and my face cleaner is almond oil and baking soda, I moisturize with coconut oil… Giovanni is my conditioner (my splurge product). I also use Tom’s Of Maine Deodorant and Green Beaver toothpaste (mint flavour) 🙂

    My boyfriend keeps telling me I’m a hippie, and after looking at this list, I think he may be right.

  2. thisismyeverest

    As a new transitioning vegan, I haven’t gone out of my way to seek out these sorts of products yet. I’d love to but I’m also operating on a budget and I feel like that is the major hindrance. Do you have any advice for the poor vegan? 😉 I obviously would like to use only cruelty-free, vegan products but it’s hard to give up certain staples (like my Clearasil face wash, as I totally tend to have a problem with adult acne). I obviously need to do the research but this post helps put some names/packaging in my head for the next trip I take to Whole Foods/TJ’s. 🙂

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      If you are on a budget, don’t try to replace everything at once. Use up what you have and when you run out of something, shampoo for instance, you can try out a new vegan kind. I know that the products I use are on the pricey side, but there are many great vegan alternatives for those on a budget. Dr. Bronner’s soap comes to mind. It can be a multitasker (body wash, hand soap, some use it for shampoo even) and it can be diluted (while still having the same efficacy), so that it will last longer. Other economical brands that are cruelty free (as far as I know) are Tom’s of Maine, Nature’s Gate and Jason’s Naturals. Also, Trader Joe brands are usually vegan and decently priced.

      Or you can go the really all natural route and make your own products (see Starr’s post above). A really great resource for natural products and whether they work or not is It sounds like a superficial site, but without them I would never have discovered the many uses of jojoba oil or that apple cider vinegar could be used on my face as a toner! They have tons of reviews on do-it-yourself beauty stuff and vegan products and it might help you decide what is what as you start to replace items.

      Good luck!

  3. An Unrefined Vegan

    Great idea for the shower scrunchie-turned kitchen scrubber. Now I just need to learn how to knit…also thanks for the Soapwalla tip. Been looking for a deodorant without all the nasty stuff, but that works!

  4. Vegan Rabbit

    I have done a lot of research on cruelty-free products, and I noticed a few on your list that are not actually cruelty-free (sorry).

    1. Dessert Essence – Not a vegan company, therefore not cruelty free. From what I gather, they don’t test their products on animals, but they may use animal products such as casein or carmine or other types of animal products in some of their products
    2. Toms of Maine – Now owned by animal testing superstar, Colgate Palmolive. Though Tom’s does not test on animals, their profits float all the way up to those at the top of the Colgate Palmolive empire, and these people then use this money to fund animal testing on their numerous other (non-Tom’s) products. They also are not a vegan company, which means that they may still use animal products in some of their products.
    3. 100% Pure – no animal testing, but they are not a vegan company (they use animal derived ingredients in at least some of their products).
    4. Trader Joe’s Company – apparently no animal testing, but still not vegan (animal derived ingredients, yet again)
    5. Avalon Organics – no animal testing, but also not vegan
    6. Everyday Minerals – no animal testing, not vegan
    7. Alba Botanica – no animal testing, not vegan
    8. MyChelle Dermaceuticals – no animal testing, not vegan

    On the bright side, I have an exhaustive list of only cruelty-free (no animal testing) and vegan companies (must be both) on my blog located here:

    Also, I was very happy to see a few products that truly are both vegan and no animal testing on this post which are: Eco Tools (gotta love Alicia Silverstone), Preserve (I use that razor as well), and Soapwalla. I honestly am not trying to make you feel bad! I did the same thing with a lot of those companies for a while until one day I sat down and started cross-referencing from different reputable cruelty-free lists and calling companies to confirm — let’s just say it was a looooooong day.

    While these companies may still offer some completely vegan products, the fact is, funding them is still funding animal abuse. There are so many vegan cruelty-free companies out there (Hugo Natural’s is a favorite of mine — they make amazing toothpaste, as well as many other products), there is no reason not to give your business to them. Obviously, don’t throw anything away — that would be wasteful. Just know for next time 🙂

    While you’re on my blog looking at the vegan companies, check out my list of companies that DO test on animals (and are also most definitely NOT vegan):

    (Sorry for being such a stickler, but we vegan types tend to seek the truth, so I figured you would appreciate the help — I’m certainly saving you hours of research, believe me that sh** was tough!) ❤

    1. luminousvegans Post author

      Thank you for the info! As a vegan, I do strive to make compassionate choices every day. I’m not perfect…I still drive a car, shop at farmer’s markets and grocery stores that also sell non-vegan goods and try as I might, I still sometimes end up with goods made in other countries (i.e. China). It’s always nice to get a gentle reminder that I can always do better and continue to grow and learn. Thank you for the info and the research!

      1. Vegan Rabbit

        Thank you for not taking it the wrong way, and for recognizing that I just want to help 🙂

        I drive a car as well. It’s a hybrid, but it’s still far from perfect (I believe it has a felt material on the floor, which is made from wool, though it has fabric seats and imitation leather wrapped steering wheel). Grocery stores, yes. I’m working on a vegetable garden and already have an orange tree, but trips to the grocery store are a fact of life at this point. Nobody is perfect! What’s important is that we do the very best we can; that’s all we can hope for.

        I just realized I made a slight booboo. I use *Nature’s Gate* toothpaste, and Hugo Naturals deodorant! Dur! I realized it this morning as I was brushing my teeth lol. Those two companies are staples of my personal hygiene adventures, and I love them to pieces (but I tend to mix them up every now and then).

        Though it can be hard, I love doing hours of research about this type of thing. I know perfection is impossible, but I’ve always been a perfectionist. That, and I don’t like feeling that I’ve been duped.

        1. VeganRunner

          Thank you for the info on felt. I did not know what it was made of.
          For myself, I try to go Cruelty-Free as much as possible but realize there are certain things I can’t avoid (i.e., contacts, certain necessary medications). I appreciate your list. I personally buy vegan products from non vegan companies. I know this is a contentious issue with points on both sides. While I’m aware that the big companies are making money off what they think is a trend, I also feel we show them the demand is there. In that case, they will make more vegan products, which makes vegan items available to more people, by accessibility and affordability. I also see your point well.
          I think a big part is location. I’m in Georgia and it’s not very vegan friendly where I live. I do love your passion and detail. I can absolutely relate. I am realizing I have to focus on doing the least harm and that, as our living environments are, I cannot be perfect but hope for a better chance.
          Thank you both 💞

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