Happy Holidays (Goodbye 2011)

So my holiday vacation is coming to a close and the year of armageddon is upon us.  Will you be safe from the rapture?  I know I won’t, but at least I ate some good food…let’s take a looksy.

Starting with the good food that was given away as gifts (yeah, we ate some too).  Vegan gift bags included peppermint bark (from the Nov/Dec issue of Vegnews),

cinnamon, sugared almonds (also from Nov/Dec issue of Vegnews),

and banana bread from the PPK (which I didn’t get a pic of).  Everything was bundled into baggies and tied with homemade crochet starts and labeled with tags hand drawn and designed by N.

One baggie went to our friend the Former Fish Taco Fanatic and I think everybody enjoyed it.  No more buying sugared almonds from fairs anymore, this stuff is so easy to make and tastes even better!

I also baked some vegan Pannetone in the bread machine:

It was good.  The texture wasn’t light and fluffy like real pannetone (still working on that), but it did have the spicy, orangey flavor that is what makes pannetone tastes good.

Other highlights from the holiday include:  tofu cutlets and mac and cheese from SoulVeg,

gingerbread cookies from Dulce Vegan,

curried lentil soup (also from Dulce),

chocolate pancakes from Radial Cafe,

pho from Loving Hut,

and when we went to my sister’s, she made this awesome breakfast casserole for us that had tofu scramble, bell peppers, squash, Daiya cheddar and tater tots on top!  The recipe was based loosely on this one from Ellen’s website.

Yes, good food all around.  Sharing it with friends and family was even better.

My nephew with the dinosaur I crocheted for him using vegan yarn (no wool!)

My other nephew with his kick ass pajamas getting ready to feed the reindeer.

Miles and my niece having a moment together.

So onward to 2012 where more good times and good food shall prevail…and if the rapture comes and I’m shot straight to hell (where I imagine all atheist heathens go if there is a hell)…. so be it.  I bet hell’s a pretty cool place.

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays (Goodbye 2011)

  1. fishtacofanatic

    The goodies were yummy!! I’m envious of your food shots too, is that with N’s camera?

    Also, the tomato risotto at Radial is to die for. But now I must go back and have those chocolate vegan cakes. YUM!!

  2. Megan

    I’m just browsing your blog for some great recipes but the last sentence on this entry crackled me up. 🙂 I couldn’t help but comment. You will be in good company! 🙂


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