Thanksliving 2011

As much as I detest the historical context that is thanksgiving, we still cook lots of good food on this day.  I think when we first went vegan it was mainly to show “regular folk” that when one makes the decision to start caring for our fellow earthlings, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have hearty, filling holiday food.  And now?  Its still for that reason but also vegan holiday food is fun to make and more fun to eat.

Let’s start with some food prep, shall we?

Seitan loaf.  This is my favorite recipe because its easy (you don’t have to knead the thing endlessly) and the loaf ends up being really moist.  Yes, it takes 2 hrs to simmer and then another 20 minutes in the oven, but the prep time is minimal and while its simmering away, you can make other stuff….or take a nap.  

Cranberry sauce with clementines and cinnamon.

Creamed kale. Dear kale, you are my favorite.

The finished plate.  We also had stuffing (some organic mix from a bag) and some mashed taters (homemade, no recipe), and mushroom gravy (homemade, no recipe).  This is making me hungry.  We also had blueberry cobbler for dessert but failed to get a pic.

The lovely aromas wafted around the house enticing the dogs out of their slumber.


With such enticing smells, they were desperate for some table scraps and crumbs.  That’s soy nog in the cup…yummm.


We gave in only because we were so full and we were mostly just playing with the food left on our plates at this point.


See.  Julius Caeser.  No?  Oh well.

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