Vegan Fiesta!

We attended a vegan potluck with some close friends (including fellow blogger “FFT Fanatic“.  Good food + good people = good times.

The spread:

From bottom to top:  fresh salad, mexican quinoa/rice, fresh guac and mexican casserole.  And fellow blogger “FFT Fanatic” also made this AMAZING layered bean dip with all the works but I forgot to get a pic :-(. Can you guess the theme?

Here’s my plate of goodness:

Everything was delicious and my friends are amazing cooks!

N made the dessert:  Horchata cupcakes!  He also made the horchata drink from scratch using our Vitamix! (click on the link for the recipe he used).

 Stay tuned for more exciting themed vegan potlucks!


6 thoughts on “Vegan Fiesta!

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  2. thisismyeverest

    OMG, horchata cupcake. That looks to die for!! Just clicked over to check out the recipe…I need this in my life. I’ve had difficulty with vegan frostings so far (they’re always too runny for me) but it looks like N did a fantastic job not allowing that to happen.

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