Radial Cafe

Had us a dinner at Radial Cafe.  They’ve redesigned the place and are now open for dinner as well as for breakfast/lunch.

They gave us some bread before dinner which they assured us was completely vegan and they gave us some Earth Balance to smoodge all over it.

PS. They did give us the bread (two pieces) on a plate, I just transferred it to my napkin.

Then we had the Korean BBQ tofu satay appetizer.

And then I had the vegan version of the Reuben sandwich with green beans.

N had their version of a veggie burger but I wasn’t quick enough with the camera.  The verdict:  overall a good dinner.  The bread was soft and good.  The tofu appetizer was also delicious, the bbq sauce was clearly homemade and it was sweet and tangy.  My sandwich was also good.  They used their own homemade sietan and their version of a 1000 Island-like dressing.  My only issue with the sammich was that the seitan lacked taste on its own, so unless I had a complete bite of sauerkraut, dressing, seitan and bread, the seitan just tasted like spongy cardboard.

N loved his burger.  We’ll probably go again to try other vegan items on the dinner menu.

Oh and then we went to see these guys @ the Drunken Unicorn.  (Mates of State)

Oh heck yeah.


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