Lazy Composting


1.  Drill holes (1/2” to 3/4”) randomly in plastic bin

2.  Put a layer of dirt and browns (dead leaves, grass, etc…)

3.  Put a layer of greens (veggie and fruit waste)

4.  Put a layer of browns (compostable napkins, cardboard, paper, newspapers, dead leaves, grass….)

5.  Water the pile

6.  Secure lid with bungee cord and place compost in warm location.

7.  Repeat 3-5 as needed.

Don’t really know how the compost is doing b/c we are lazy composters and never turn the pile but the pile does appear to be shrinking which probably means stuff is breaking down like it should.  Updates to follow.

Composting= less trash.  Our trash is now taken out only once a month.  We are trying to push that to only once every two months, once every 3 months, etc….


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