Raw Strawberry Pie

So yeah, I love these guys.  I want to live in their house with them and have them make me raw vegan food and good music.  Here’s a video of them making raw strawberry pie.

Jónsi & Alex Recipe Show – Raw Strawberry Pie from Jónsi & Alex on Vimeo.

We followed the recipe and here’s the results…….

First off, it was extremely easy to make.  We followed the directions exactly and the pie tasted absolutely divine….strawberry sweet coconutty goodness!  For me, the texture was a bit gritty due to the coconut and the fact that we used a food processor for lack of a heavy duty blender.  Hsauce thought it was perfect through and through, but I felt that if the filling had just been smoother it would have been even better.  The recipe is perfect and I highly recommend that you try it  (do it.. right now), but I would advise that if you want a super smooth creamy pie to use a heavy duty blender like Jonsi and Alex.

The recipe (in words), along with other raw recipes from Jonsi and Alex, can be found here. You can check out their music there as well.  Jonsi (not the same as Jonsi &Alex) is touring this year, check out the tourdates.   I love it when amazing musicians are vegan….makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


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