Gardein Review

So, I’m sure we’re late to this whole Gardein thing, but after hearing its praises at AR2010 and finding them on sale recently, we stocked up on a few different frozen kinds and tried them out!  Here’s the verdict:

(1)  Classic Style Buffalo Wings–  These were okay…nothing earth shattering.  Its the standard hot and spicy buffalo wing sauce smothering fake chicken.  I’ve never been a huge fan of buffalo wings so its no surprise these weren’t my favorite.
(2) Seven Grain Crispy Tenders –  This is definitely the favorite of all that we tried.  The breaded outside of these are perfectly seasoned and crispy.  The inside protein is delicious as well…tender and moist, but not slimy.  My brother-in-law (not vegan, not even close) even tried one and liked it. 
(3)  Homestyle Beefless Tips  – The flavoring of this is eerily very beef-like right down to the “juices” it produced when cooking, so much so that we double checked the ingredient list just to be sure there was no hidden animal stock.   But wonderfully, this product is cruelty free AND tasty!
(4)  Marinara Chick’n Good Stuff –  Tried these last night and they are very tasty!  The outside is breaded similar to the crispy tenders and inside the protein is stuffed with marinara and ooey- gooey vegan cheese.  The only thing about this product is there are only TWO stuffed proteins in the bag and each piece is about the size of a small dinner roll.
(5)  Lightly Seasoned Chick’n Scallopini– These were good, but not amazing.  Similar texture to the buffalo wings minus the sauce.  We had some with salad and fennel the other night.

Gardein Chick’n scallopini with spring herb salad and leeks.  Dressing= Annie’s Green Goddess

Overall, I’ll probably buy the crispy tenders and the beef tips again, but only if they are on sale as these are a bit of an indulgence food given the price.

And just for fun………

                                     Miles loves his stuffies!  Eco-friendly tip: Buy used stuffed toys from thrift stores to give as presents to your companion animals.  You save a lot of money this way too.  Just make sure they are all doggy-safe.


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