Mini Road Trip

We went to AR2010 this past weekend. Although everyone there might not have agreed on the means to the end (i.e. new welfarism vs. abolitionism or indirect vs. direct action), I felt everyone agreed on what the “end” should be…full animal liberation and a non-speciesist world. I learned a lot from just the day and a half that we were there and it was amazing being around so many others that get it.

Dennis Kucinich opened the conference at Friday’s morning plenary. We wanted to get a picture with him but after his speech he left pretty quickly.

This is a shot from one of the many talks we attended. At the podium is Gene Baur from Farm Sanctuary. To his right is Hope Bohanec from In Defense of Animals and Michael Weber from Farm Animal Rights Movement. Michael Weber is a cool dude with, from what I could tell, excellent vegan ideology.

Unfortunately, that is all the pics I took! Here is a list of noteworthy things/people/organizations that I personally learned about for the first time at the conference:

Green is the New Red – Initiated by a very cool and intelligent guy, Will Potter. Addresses the issue of civil liberties being revoked in the name of “fighting terrorism”.

Emily’s Desserts – She had a table at the exhibition hall. As soon as we walked by I decided to break my healthy eating and go for a vegan cupcake…sooo worth it!

Lantern Books– from the website “Lantern Books publishes books on vegetarianism, animal advocacy, environmentalism, religion and social justice”. I picked up and am reading Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Reflections on the Liberation of Animals. If critical thinking isn’t your thing, you won’t like Lantern Books.

Motive Clothing– msg shirts/clothing (vegan and straightedge)

Win Animal Rights/ Camille Hankins– an above ground animal liberation organization which believes in direct action. She brought a beagle to her talk that was recently rescued…so amazing!

Stop Animal Exploitation Now– Another non-profit that focuses on animal exploitation in laboratories. I found out from their talk that much of what animal exploiters do in their labs (i.e. records, etc.) is public information that just needs to be exposed by individuals or groups.

And the following lists vegan organizations/stores I was aware of pre-conference but they are such great organizations, etc that I wanted to give them some love as well:

United Poultry Concerns- Saw Karen Davis, the president of this non-profit, speak and she is bad ass! Super inspiring.

Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe
– Atlanta’s very own vegan shop with everything from vegan toiletries to clothes to food.

Herbivore Clothing– One of my favorite shops for msg. apparel and such.

Mercy for Animals– A non-profit animal advocacy organization responsible for the well known Conklin Dairy Farm undercover investigations and others. Got to meet Nathan Runkle!

When we left the conference (Saturday midday), we drove to DC and ate at Cafe Green, an all organic vegan restaurant. The food was outstanding and very reasonably priced.

I had the raw seaweed soup. It was good, but if you don’t like things that have a strong vinegar taste, you won’t like this.

I also had the “Revolutionary Che”. Soy chicken with melted vegan cheese, red onions and tangy sweet sauce on ciabatta with coleslaw. Oh so very good!!

Hsauce had the vegan cheesesteak sub.

For dessert, we had the raw chocolate cheesecake. Amazing! Like the softest, creamiest chocolate mousse that melts in your mouth.

Our friends, Sean and Emily, let us couch surf at their place in DC that night. We went for dinner at Woodlands Restaurant and the next morning Emily made us this amazing vegan breakfast with blueberry pancakes, hashbrowns and some kiwi. Unfortunately I forgot to get a pic of all of this!

On the drive back home we stopped in Charlotte and visited my sis, nephew and nieces.

My niece had a stink face in all the pictures b/c she didn’t want us to leave.

And now we’re home.

I’m not sure if they noticed we were gone….


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