Visit Home

I just got back from a visit home with the family in NC. Vegan eats were limited, so I mostly made my own food (mostly simple things like spaghetti and cold salads).

The couple of times we ate out I had vegan sushi,

and salad from Souper Salad. I have never gone to a Souper Salad since becoming vegan, but their vegan items are clearly marked which was nice. This pic shows my second plate from there (it’s buffet style) and includes some of their antipasto cold salads like marinated mushrooms, vegan coleslaw with raisins, a cucumber-tomato salad, and vegan cornbread! I would consider going there again b/c they had a nice variety of salad goods for a good price for all you can eat. I need to find out which dressings are vegan though, b/c those were not clearly marked. I ended up using oil and vinegar on my first plate of salad. They also have a lot of non-vegan stuff too, unfortunately. It was depressing to see people eating there have these beautiful plates of vegetables and greens only to smother the whole thing in buttermilk dressing and ham pieces. ::sigh::

Also, a big reason for this trip was my new nephew! The blanket he is in was my first biggish vegan knitting project.


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