Ethiopian Food

I have been craving Ethiopian food for a reeeally long time so after reading a recent review in some foodie newspaper thingie, we headed out to Queen Sheba last night. The last time either of us had Ethiopian food was probably more than 2 years ago back when we lived in Boulder. 2 years!!! So we were pretty much drooling all over ourselves when this arrived at our table (excuse the crappy phone pics).

We ordered the veggie combo and the mushroom tibs and of course about 2/3 of the way in, we were struggling to finish because it was so filling. I have a theory that injera expands inside your stomach once eaten (btw, I’m totally gonna try and make that recipe for injera).

But we did clean the plate and ate up most of the injera that had soaked up all the lovely goodness of our food. Everything was delicious. I think next time we’ll skip the mushroom tibs though and get more of the veggie mush goodies. See how blissed out Hsauce is over the tasty food….yum!

Although I did enjoy dinner, I have to say that Ras Kassa’s in Boulder is still my favorite. We will probably go again to Queen Sheba but I’d like to explore other Ethiopian restaurants too. We will, however, most definitely go back to that area of town to check out the all vegetarian Indian restaurant (Chat Patti) that was right beside it!


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