Chinese take-out in my kitchen

Our first attempt at vegan spring rolls! We roughly followed this recipe for veggie dumplings. Of course, instead of putting our filling in wonton wrappers we used spring roll wrappers.

We dipped them in our good ol’ standby sweet chili sauce from the Asian market. Here you can see the filling which just looks like beige stuff but it’s really shitake, napa cappage and tofu.

In hindsight, I wished we had added some clear bean thread noodles and carrots to the filling b/c I felt they were missing these things (next time!).

Also, we had a few spring rolls bust open while deep frying them and this was probably due to a couple of things:
(1) we simply used oil to seal the wrapper before frying (if anybody has a better way to seal them pre-fry, we’d love to know!) and
(2) we don’t have a deep fryer so the oil may not have been hot enough.

They were still yummy and good for our first go at spring rolls though!

We had them with Szechuan style green beans (and jasmine rice). I didn’t follow a recipe for this. I kinda just tossed the green beans in a wok with some minced ginger and garlic, hoison sauce, soy sauce, red chili peppers (dried), and some rice wine vinegar. Spi-cey!


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