Chocolate parfait

You will need:

  1. store bought or homemade crunchy vegan cookies
  2. freshly cut strawberries and bananas
  3. store bought or homemade vegan chocolate pudding (we made ours by blending together extra firm silken tofu, cocoa powder, sugar, a little soymilk and a touch of vanilla extract….sorry I don’t have exact measurements as I just kinda add a little here and there and use my mouth to judge!)


  1. Finely crush up some of the cookies and pack a layer of it into the bottom of a bowl or cup.
  2. Put down a layer of pudding.
  3. Put down a layer of bananas and strawberries.
  4. Repeat 2 and 3 for as many layers as you want!
  5. Top with pudding and crumbled cookie bits.
  6. Eat and enjoy!

Try it with vanilla pudding, different fruits, different cookies. The variations are endless!

Since we were primarily focused on getting a quick yummy dessert into our bellies, we didn’t focus on presentation. If you wanna show off the parfait layers and make it all fancy put it in a clear wine glass and add a sprig of fresh mint.

Oh, and these are the cookies we used. We found them at the Asian market and were happily surprised that they were vegan.


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