It’s a wrap

This is so quick and easy and the payoff in my belly is beyond words. Here’s what you do to make easy-peasy and cheap vegan “chicken” lettuce wraps:
(1) Take whatever veggies you have on hand that you like and dice ‘em up!

(2) Dice up some vegan protein (we used mock chicken, but tofu, tempeh, and/or seitan would work just as well) or skip this step and just go with a veggie blowout—-the results will be equally delicious!

(3) Stir fry it all up in a wok with some minced garlic and ginger and a touch of cooking oil. Season with Bragg’s liquid aminos, salt, pepper, fresh basil, a little veggie broth if more moisture is needed and whatever tastes good to you!

(4) Serve with various sauces and condiments of your liking (we kept it simple and used store bought hoison sauce, Thai sweet chili sauce and of course some Sriracha sauce), some big iceberg lettuce leaves and diced cucumbers for an added cold crunch.

(5) Pour filling into lettuce leaf, add some cucumbers, drizzle with sauce, roll it up and savor the goodness…..ahhhhhh…..yummmm.

(6) Repeat step (5) until maximum satiation has been achieved and/or until the food is gone.


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