Vietnamese Subs

When I attended NCSU, there was a place right off campus that served veg*n Vietnamese subs that were out of this world and I would eat them at least once a week. So I was sooo stoked to find a recipe for this in my new copy of Veganomicon (which by the way, is quickly getting used and marked up with comments and post-its to hold the place of future recipes I want to try).

Homemade seitan strips (Seitan cutlet recipe from Veganomicon), pan fried with a sprinkle of sugar for some caramelization (pic is pre-fry)….

+ other sandwich fillings of your choice….

+ homemade french bread (+Vegenaise if you so desire) = a really good and filling sandwich!!

There is also a dipping sauce for the sammich so you dunk and eat, but I didn’t take a pic of it. It was good though, you’ll just have to trust me 🙂 Also, the seitan from Veganomicon is easily hands down the best seitan I’ve ever had and it was pretty easy to make.


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