Happy Holidays

Ah finally…..this past Saturday I decided to temporarily put away the work that has been keeping me busy for so long and not think about it or look at it until after the holidays. Because of my craziness with work it was hard to plan a trip home in advance, so we decided to have a quiet Christmas at home. This meant I finally got a chance to get back in here….

… and have a little holiday fun! For Christmas Eve dinner, I made an un-chicken pot pie that I found here. I followed the recipe pretty closely and the results were fantastic.

Here it is in the gorgeous casserole dish that Hsauce’s mom MADE for us. Yes, I said made! She is a potter and she made us a complete dinnerware set, so now our foods have beautiful plates to sit on!

The pot pie wasn’t super pretty once scooped out, but it was damn tasty! That night we also made gingerbread cookies from the ppk.

Our icing didn’t come out as we wanted, so the decorations are a little funky but we still had fun with it. It was the first time we had ever used piping bags (i.e. cut up ziploc bags) to pipe on icing.

Can you spot the gingerbread man that belongs in a horror movie?

…it’s the one with 2 heads!

On Christmas morning (this morning), after opening gifts (more on that later), Hsauce cooked me brunch: French toast, vegan sausage links from Publix (which Lori from The Pleasantly Plump Vegan gave me the heads up on, thanks!), and some figs.

Tonight we had lasagna with tofu ricotta cheese, un-beef crumbles, and Follow Your Heart mozzarella with garlic bread sticks. A yummy comfort food dish.

For dessert, a yummy pumpkin cheesecake which I made using this recipe. It didn’t really have a cheesecakey taste to it though. It was more like straight up pumpkin pie, but it was really good and I would make it again for sure!

Overall, we had a very nice and quiet little holiday, just us and the dogs (if you’re curious to see all our other holiday related pics, go here). Oh, and back to those gifts I mentioned. I got two very special vegan related gifts. I got a copy of Veganomicon from Hsauce’s parents!!! Yay! I am so thrilled to finally be able to make some of the yummy things I keep seeing on people’s blogs. And Hsauce got me a copy of Making a Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights by Bob Torres, another vegan/animal rights book I have been eyeing.

We had a wonderful holiday and we hope everybody else did too!

Nikko says Happy Holidays! She also says, don’t mess with her new toy from Santy Claus!


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