French Toast and Chinese Food

Oh yeah! Hsauce cooked me up some vegan French toast this weekend. He followed this recipe and lemme tell ya, it was AMAZING! I could eat this everyday for breakfast. It had that perfect French toast consistency…kinda cakey and chewy. We had it with persimmons from the Farmer’s market.

On Saturday, we also finally got a chance to visit an all vegetarian Chinese restaurant on Buford Highway that we have been wanting to go to for awhile. I only had my camera phone on me, so excuse the quality of the pictures. The inside of the menu was neat because on the first page they had a little essay on vegetarianism and its connection to Buddhism and health.

First we split a large bowl of wonton soup. It was very tasty! That’s a half eaten wonton there.

Next, we had an assortment of steamed veggie dumplings. I didn’t get a picture of the filling, but it was mixed veggies with a sweet and savory taste. The different color dumplings were only slightly different from each other. All were scrumptious!

And for our main dishes we ordered sesame “chicken” and Szechuan string beans to share. They were both reeeally yummy, but I would have to agree with one of the reviews I read about Harmony that the veggie dishes are where its at! Those string beans were chock full of flavor and we ended up fighting over the last bits of it.

The verdict. We will definitely go again because the food is good and since the restaurant is not in a “hip” part of town, the prices are really low too. I look forward to trying their many other dishes. And plus, they give you orange slices after dinner.


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