Oh, for the love of dogs!

Wow, it’s been one of those crazy busy weeks and I’ve had no time to post about the fun time we had last Saturday and of course the foods we’ve been eating (yes! even when you’re busy you don’t have to reach for the take-out menus!).

So starting with last Saturday. We (Hsauce, me and our two rescued greyhounds Miles and Nikko) went to Greyfest 2007 where basically a bunch of rescued greyhounds get together and hang out. There are activities and contests and such, but we mainly went to socialize our dogs with other greys.
The only annoying thing about Greyfest was the disconnect that these greyhound owners had between their dogs, who they obviously loved and cared greatly about, and the food they ate. Case in point, lunch was boxed lunches from Honeybaked Ham!

From what I could see, nearly everyone ate these gross things. Is the little pig at the slaughterhouse really that different from the greyhound you rescued from the race tracks? Please! Make the connection people!

Hsauce and I were the only ones who opted out and brought our own lunch, which I assure you was MUCH better, not only in taste, but also because there was no suffering involved.

Hsauce had a delectable tempeh sandwich that he whipped up that morning.

I had an eggless salad sandwich made with tofu.

We also had kiwis and the ultimate picnic snack, potato chips. For dessert we had Liz Lovely peanut butter cookies!! If you have not tried these yet, I urge you to get thee to a store and pick some up right away (and if you can’t find them anywhere, order from Cosmo’s)!

Nikko even had some fruit off this frozen fruit block.

Despite the uneasiness we felt being surrounded by people petting dogs and eating pigs, we had our own special good time. Miles and Nikko made plenty of new friends and seemed to enjoy themselves. Miles even found his twin! (click here for all the pics from Greyfest)

In other meals, we’ve been able to cook every day even though the week has been crazy. Hsauce helped out so much with the cooking this week! One night, he made fresh spring rolls stuffed with noodles, basil, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and some cilantro served with sweet chili sauce plus vegan Tom Yum soup made with a vegan soup paste (from the Farmer’s market), coconut milk, mushrooms, and tofu. Yeah, it looks like there is a lot of oil in the soup because there was (from the paste).

Sticking with the Asian theme, he also made sweet and sour stir fry with tempeh, baby carrots, water chestnuts, onions, and pineapples. We had it with basmati rice because we were out of jasmine.

Another night, he picked up a box of Fantastic Foods Nature’s Burger and he whipped up some good old veggie burgers with a side of roasted corn.

I contributed an easy Shepard’s pie this week. I sauteed up some seitan with carrots, onions, peas, tomato paste, veggie broth, some bbq sauce and other spices then spread it in a baking pan. I then layered some flavored mashed taters (Hsauce did the taters) on top and stuck it in the oven for a bit. So easy and so good!

And last night I made another easy dish, pesto! Just throw some fresh basil, lemon juice, spices and pine nuts (or walnuts) in a food processor and toss it with some pasta. We had it with tofu ricotta, fresh tomatoes and some really good whole wheat penne noodles that had flax meal in it (I found these noodles at Kroger’s to my surprise!).

I haven’t baked in awhile but I’ve got my mind set on vegan cheesecake as Hsauce just brought home some graham crackers…stay tuned!

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