Yum yum salad

This salad was easy to make and was Hsauce’s welcome home dinner from a family related trip*. All the wonderful veggies do not show up well in the picture but here is what’s in it: a layer of fresh mixed greens followed by subsequent layers of baby portabellas, broccoli, heirloom tomatoes, carrots, and pan seared pepper un-steak from the Asian market; a nice drizzle of homemade peanut satay dressing (consisting of coconut milk, freshly ground peanuts, curry paste, brown sugar and lime juice); and finally a sprinkling of garlic croutons and freshly cut scallions. The dressing and the scallions kind of give this salad an Asian flair. If I had had some on hand, I would have added beansprouts, cucumbers, peas and cilantro. I can also see this salad being equally as good with some raw or baked tofu!

*Hsauce’s trip was to Jackson, Minnesota, a small town of “meat and potato” eatin’ folk. While on this trip, he was told numerous times that he needed to eat “manly” food (erm…). Having survived on mainly potatoes (not cooked in butter please) and snacks that he packed, it goes without saying that he loved the salad! He felt more “manly” after eating it…oh, I kid.

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