A Trip to the Cascades

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I just got back from a trip to an isolated lodge in Leavenworth, WA. It was a work related trip and food was included in the lodging costs meaning I had to eat whatever the lodge was serving if I wanted to get reimbursed.

The best dinner I had was actually outside of the lodge on the first night that I drove from Sea-Tac airport to the lodge (a 3 hour drive). I knew that I would miss dinner at the lodge so I stopped in town before I headed to the lodge at a place called Dragonfly Bistro. I had a salad with a miso dressing and some yam chips, edamame, and a garden roll.

At the lodge, I had put in a request for vegan meals. but it turns out that the food was “buffet” style so I actually just had to figure it all out at each meal. Breakfast was consistent. I found I could eat the oatmeal with whatever fruit topping they had, some fresh fruit and potatoes cooked in olive oil.

I don’t have any pictures from lunch or dinner, because I felt a little strange whipping out the camera to take “food” pictures in front of my colleagues (the above pics were taken when I ate alone). But they wouldn’t have been interesting pictures anyways. Lunch and dinner consisted mainly of vegetable sides meaning some kind of cold anti-pasto vegetable salad, grilled or steamed vegetables, and/or roasted potatoes in olive oil.

Occasionally, there would be something more interesting I could eat like split pea soup or a spicy tomato soup. When there was absolutely nothing I could eat at the buffet, the chef would make me a rather bland veggie stir fry consisting of bell peppers and onions. Most of the meals at the buffet were centered around meat and/or cheese. Although most of the vegan food wasn’t super tasty, I must say that the staff was really friendly and accommodating to me. They didn’t roll their eyes every time I came around, which was nice!

I guess the best vegan related thing about the trip was the organic garden on the grounds. All the veggies I had came from the garden. The garden was pretty big and was surrounded by a tall fence to keep the deer out.

The flowers in the garden were spectacular in size and color. Notice the bee doing its thing on this flower.

Some Turkish orange eggplants. I wanted to take one home with me, but that would be stealing. Plus there was a gardener there when I was walking around.

Red hot chili peppers…I think this added the heat to the aforementioned tomato soup.

Miniature bell peppers…I think these were in my veggie stir fry.

These are some kind of melon. I’m not sure what kind (I’m thinking unripe watermelons), but I do know that I did have a melon gazpacho-like soup one day for lunch. Perhaps it came from these beauties.

Cabbage town.

I think this is some kind of squash. I need to get better at recognizing different veggies in their raw state.

This sculpture wasn’t in the organic garden but as you can tell it’s definitely a statement on human exploitation of animals. I found this sculpture on the lodge grounds but way, way, way far away from most of the lodge traffic and activities. Interesting that they try to “hide” something like this, although I guess its not all that surprising. Eating fish (especially salmon) and fishing are kind of “tradition” around this part of the world so mustn’t make anybody feel uncomfortable about it *sarcasm*. But it does make one wonder why they have this sculpture in the first place.

Since I no longer had scones, I had to make do at the airport for food on the flight back home. There was no actual “food” that I could trust at the airport, so I just grabbed a small snack.

Some other tidbits from this trip:

  • Apple trees (such as the one sh
    own at the top) were abundant everywhere, which makes sense because WA is known for its apples.
  • I was the only vegan at the conference. Almost all of my colleagues are eco-minded people that seem to respect the environment, yet they still eat meat.
  • I finished “Introduction to Animal Rights” by Gary Francione on this trip. I think this book is essential for ethical vegans (and everybody else!). Francione uses pure logic to explain why we should all be vegan and why animals have rights as sentient beings. His stance on animal exploitation is abolition…none of this “happy meat” or “free-range” nonsense.
  • Delta has gone green in one way because they now recycle all the used cans and plastic bottles. Yay…no more dragging empty bottles back home with me!
  • Hsauce did not cook at all when I was gone and survived on scones and pre cooked foods 😛
  • I now want my own organic garden dammit!

**For all the pics from this trip go here**.


2 thoughts on “A Trip to the Cascades

  1. goodstorysarah

    I’ve been to Leavenworth many many times! They actually do have a fairly nice health food store, but it’s about a half mile out of town. This place, http://www.munchenhaus.com/, also serve vegan field roast sausage. They grill it for you and then you can load it with sauerkraut and seriously about 50 different kinds of mustard. I stop there every time I’m in Leavenworth!


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