Pre-Dinner Snack

I left work early to run some errands today and stopped by the co-op on my way home. I picked up some pre-made wraps made by R. Thomas Grill. Each roll was different. One had kidney beans, another had quinoa, another had tofu and the last had chickpeas. And the sauce in the middle is their “Tiger Sauce”. Yum, now I can probably wait comfortably for dinner. click to read more!

While at the co-op, I also picked up some stuff for an upcoming business trip to Washington including snacks and bug repellent (the place where I will be is in the woods), and some extra J.R. Liggetts shampoo (I use this for shaving, shampoo and body wash!) for the trip and home. I’ve requested vegan meals for the duration of this work conference, but I’ve learned that this can mean eating a crap salad (as in just iceberg lettuce and a couple of tomatoes) everyday. So I’m packing along some snacks, a few which are shown here. I’ll probably also pack a meal for the plane.


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