Post-Dinner Snack

Inspired by a fellow vegan blogger, we got dinner at Veggieland tonight instead of doing our usual takeout. This was our second outing here. The menu there is almost entirely vegan except for the soy cheese and some sauces with honey in it. They do, however, have a vegan cheese. click for more

Hsauce got a “chicken” sandwich with sweet potato fries and it was just kind of “meh”, nothing extraordinary.

I got the “Jennifer Salad” which, on the other hand, was really good (though the picture doesn’t show it well) ! It had spinach, brown rice, steamed sweet potatoes and broccoli, tomatoes, guacamole, grilled tofu and tempeh “bacon”. I had it with a vegan French herb salad dressing.

And, of course, we got two slices of vegan cake to take home with us. A slice of chocolate raspberry mousse cake and a slice of chocolate peanut butter mousse cake…mmmmm, tasty!

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