Quick and Easy!

Its been a busy week, but with a well stocked kitchen, easy, quick and delicious meals are still possible! Some meals we have enjoyed…

Mango and ginger un-chicken stirfry courtesy of H.Sauce. Full of sweet mangoes, red bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, un-chicken strips from the Asian market, fresh grated ginger, a splash of orange juice and some spices served atop coconut rice with toasted coconut (made by yours truly from VV).

Fresh homemade bread (::heart:: our bread machine which was given to us by H.Sauce’s mom, who incidentally got it for under $10 from a second hand shop), un-bacon tempeh strips, fresh tomatoes, onions, homemade guacamole and some vegenaise equals a darn good sandwich! Served with a side of sweet potato chips.

Curried split pea soup and fresh corn fritters (both from VV). We dipped our corn fritters in a variety of sauces including Asian sweet and spicy chili sauce, raspberry preserves (that was H.Sauce’s thing), and applesauce (that was the best dipping sauce in my opinion).

Friday nights we don’t cook. We usually get take out from one of our favorite restaurants (Green Sprout), but last night we rode our bikes to Soul Vegetarian for a change. Everything on the menu is vegan (they even have vegan ice cream!). H.Sauce had the “Kale Bone” sandwich with a side of mashed sweet potatoes. The “Kale Bone” is just their own homemade seitan. H.Sauce’s sweet potatoes were very tasty and full of brown sugary goodness. I had the eggless “egg” pita sandwich with a side of freshly cut homemade fries. Delish!

Although this particular SoulVeg is lacking in the “looks” department, the food, service and friendly atmosphere of this place is what it’s all about! A very nice kid who was getting “take out” with his family even gave us a crash course in chess playing as there are chess sets to play with over there. But we still couldn’t remember…which way is the king allowed to move? If I recall correctly, the king piece is kind of lame in that it can’t really move all that much in one go.


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